BOOK REVIEW✨ Title: SUNSHINE TOWN✨ Author: MANIISSH ARORAA✨ Genre: FICTION✨ Ratings: 4.5/5✨ Isn’t meeting a friend unexpectedly after many years special?  At Frankfurt Airport, Shlok was surprised to see Yana and was even more surprised when he heard they both are going to travel in a same airplane.  And Shlok starts narrating the story ofContinue reading “SUNSHINE TOWN”

WILD WORLD: The adventures of Bali and Bhola

BOOK REVIEW:✨ Title: WILD WORLD: The adventures of Bali and Bhola✨ Author: Deepak Arora✨ Genre: Fiction- Adventure✨ Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✨ Bali, the langur has crossed a tough time of his life, living as a slave in the hands of human named Kanya and chasing monkeys in the city. With a lease around the neck, amidst theContinue reading “WILD WORLD: The adventures of Bali and Bhola”


BOOK REVIEW✨ Title: TALES OF YOU, ME AND THEM✨ Author: Anju Darshini✨ Genre: Fiction: Short stories✨ Ratings:4.5/5 ✨ Isn’t Grandparents’ home special always?  And so is Keeladi, a South Indian Village in Madurai, for our Author.  She has penned down some unforgettable stories that has uniqueness in the way of narration.  I feel in loveContinue reading “TALES OF YOU, ME AND THEM”


BOOK REVIEW✨ Title: BABY ON BOARD✨ Author: Sonia Sahijwani Saini✨ Genre: Non-fiction✨ Ratings: 4.3/5✨ ‘Baby on Board’ is an amazingly written non-fiction by Sonia Sahijwani, who is an admired author of ‘Yours Legally’. Here we could see a different version of her- more as a mother than as an author or a lawyer.The author startsContinue reading “BABY ON BOARD”

Dearest Love: A collection of Poems

BOOK REVIEW:✨ Title: Dearest Love: A collection of Poems✨ Author: Prachi Prangya Agasti✨ Genre: Poetry Ratings: 4.5 /5 ✨ Are these poems? Nay… Emotions in its purest form as love with no expectations!  Not all love stories are said out… Not all lovers succeed but still ‘Unconditional Love’ exists and this book is a tributeContinue reading “Dearest Love: A collection of Poems”


BOOK REVIEW:✨ Title: YOURS LEGALLY✨ Author: Sonia Sahijwani✨ Genre: Fiction: Short stories✨ Ratings:4/5✨ This book is a collection of short stories based on law. Many of us wouldn’t have got a chance to know the exact scenario inside a court and our author makes us feel that through her lively words.✨ ‘Yours legally’ hadn’t forgottenContinue reading “YOURS LEGALLY”

Invisible ties

BOOK REVIEW:✨ Title: Invisible ties✨ Author: Nadya A.R✨ Genre: Fiction✨ Ratings: 4.5/5✨ I think this book is ideal for perfection.  Seriously, the beautiful and meaningful cover with perfect color contrasts mesmerizes me.  Who won’t love such an amazing cover?✨ The writing style of this book is captivating.  The author’s words sparkle with emotions. I couldContinue reading “Invisible ties”


BOOK REVIEW:✨ Title: LOVE AFTER BREAK UP… IS IT POSSIBLE?✨ Author:  Prakash Goenka✨ Genre: Fiction✨ Ratings:✨ Love is something that could not be expressed completely in words! Love is blind, isn’t it? Love gives hope but sometimes gives a deep scar and moves out completely! Anyhow, is life without love possible? Is love after breakupContinue reading “LOVE AFTER BREAK UP… IS IT POSSIBLE?”


Book review:✨Title: THIS IS DEMAND OF TIME✨ Author: ARIJIT CHAKRABORTY✨ Genre: Non-fiction✨ Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐✨ It is always important to have a conscious view of a life to enjoy it to the fullest. And there are several demands for that. This book speaks about the importance of being practical in life; it advises the way toContinue reading “THIS IS DEMAND OF TIME”

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