🖤BOOK REVIEW:🖤 TITLE: GIRLS AND THE CITY AUTHOR: MANREET SODHI SOMESHWAR GENRE: FICTION: NOVEL RATINGS: 4.5/5✨ 🖤As the title ‘Girls And The City’ describes, this book rolls around three women- Leela, Reshma and Juhi, and about their works and problems they face. On one night, when it was pouring down, an unexpected murder happens andContinue reading “GIRLS AND THE CITY”


🖤BOOK REVIEW:🖤 TITLE: THE LESBIAN WHISPERER AUTHOR: TAYLOR S. NORMAN GENRE: NON FICTION: SHORT STORIES RATINGS: 4/5✨ 🖤”Love knows no bounds, it is ageless and genderless. Love is love, and the final destination home.”🖤 🌈As the title ‘The Lesbian Whisperer’ signifies, this book is a collection of short stories that is based on love. LoveContinue reading “THE LESBIAN WHISPERER”

Enchanted Frangipanis

🖤BOOK REVIEW:🖤 Title: “Enchanted Frangipanis” Author: Nisha Harbola Genre: Fiction : Suspense Ratings: 4/5 ⭐ 🌺That day Meher fought with the alarm and finally woke up, just to find her husband Aditya missing near her. She could not recall any incidents of him saying about the sudden work. No calls or messages explaining it too.Continue reading “Enchanted Frangipanis”


BOOK REVIEW: TITLE:  THE DEADLY SINNER (Sinners and secrets #3 ) AUTHOR: SHRUTI PRIYAA GENRE: CRIME THRILLER RATINGS: 4.3/5 ✨ ’The deadly sinner’ is the third episode of the ‘Sinners and Secrets’ series.  In Mumbai, at Retreat Residency, someone was found dead, falling off the building. Detective Raunak, and Reporter Samaira, along with their otherContinue reading “THE DEADLY SINNER”

Book Review: ‘Fourteen Years: How I Struggled Through Failure And Became a Successful Mother’

🖤BOOK REVIEW:🖤 Title: ‘Fourteen Years: How I Struggled Through Failure And Became a Successful Mother’ Author: Neveen Musa Genre: Non Fiction Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🖤True incidents that are converted into books are the best as they would be too emotional that at some point they would make you feel like the author is someone too closeContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Fourteen Years: How I Struggled Through Failure And Became a Successful Mother’”


✨BOOK REVIEW:✨ TITLE: INDIAN STORIES: IMAGES AND THOUGHTS AUTHOR: RAVI VALLURI GENRE: NON FICTION RATINGS: 4.3/5✨ 🖤The title of this book was ‘Indian Stories’, which I first assumed as a collection of short stories that took place in India. But to my surprise, this book is actually a non fiction, which tells more interesting factsContinue reading “INDIAN STORIES: IMAGES AND THOUGHTS”


BOOK REVIEW: TITLE:  THE MURDER IN THE WOODS AUTHOR: SHRUTI PRIYAA GENRE: CRIME THRILLER RATINGS: 4.7/5✨ Deep inside a forest, there was a black spot that no one has identified… No one has identified that  there was a dead body for it looked more like pieces of moist rattan on the ground.  Thereby Raunak entersContinue reading “THE MURDER IN THE WOODS”

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