‘If I hadn’t Met you’ by SHALINI RANJAN

đź–¤Book Reviewđź–¤

Title: If I hadn’t Met you


Genre: Fiction: Mystery/ Thriller/ Romance

Ratings: 4.5/5

The moment I finished this book, my mind was filled with absurdity and satisfaction. Absurdity because it ended too soon and satisfaction- that all good books give at the end. A mixture of romance, mystery, horror with a smoke of suspense till the end. Indeed, I’m happy that I read this book.

The intriguing book cover, the mysterious ambience in it, the book title, and most importantly the first few pages- are too much to hook me till the end. Though it has horror elements in it, it doesn’t threaten us at any part. Maybe, I should say, it is one of the horror based books that you could enjoy reading.

Rudra’s parents suicided and died when he was very young and he blamed himself for the incident. The overdose, because of which his mother suspected to die, is due to him, he thought. He and his sister were taken care of by his uncle’s family after that. Years passed. Tisha, an 18 years old girl, could see a ghost. Yes! And that ghost was none other than Ambika, Rudra’s long lost mother, demanding her to find her mangalsutra, without which she couldn’t rest in peace. Moreover, she conspires to bring in Rudra and Tisha together. But when Rudra hears about Tisha talking about his mother- he couldn’t stop his anger. Could she find the mangalsutra back? Are there any other mysteries hiding behind it? Read the book to know more.

Anyone who loves horror or mystery or romance reads can pick this book. Moreover, the romance of Rudra and Tisha is more highlightable here. People who read complicated thrillers might find the second half easier to guess. With a very simple writing style, also running a few pages more than 100, this book is an ideal short light read for beginners.

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