Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd

Book Review

Title: Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd

Author: Naveen Kundra

Genre: Fiction: Thriller

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is a long and very interesting read, which reflects people’s character in their original forms, with secrets, and manipulative thoughts revolving around.  Political fiction is not a genre that I always go for but this book picked all my heart into it from the moment I began to read.  

The novel moves around two time zones consequently.  24th May- The government of Dhan Nagari, especially the Chief Minister, is struck between the media waiting for his response about the news that shook the place and the manipulative people around him, leaving his power in quake.  A sense of reality strikes us, as we read through the story- the anxiousness of the people with power to resolve the situation. 

Sanjay Dhingra stopped working under Ahuja and came to Dhan Nagari for his dream-  Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd.  With him aids Chandra, his former colleague and friend, anyhow the real intention was nothing associated with it.  With too many rivals around him, Sanjay now was struck in a huge problem.  Could he come out of it?  

The writing style is an absolute goodness. Every single incident, the mind set, the ambience, the body language, and what not- is described vividly in the book.  The major boon of such descriptions is that they take the readers into the book and there’s no backing off!  How could we rest a read when we know them more like it is all happening in front of us?   In the beginning few pages, I had no idea where the story is taking me. But as the end neared it is all clear.  Do you know who the killer on loose?  A satisfying ending.  

No matter if you are into political fiction or not, you should surely try this book. Most recommended read! 

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