The secret Gateway of Chrysalis

Title: The secret Gateway of Chrysalis

Author: B.Zafirah Alihossen

Genre: Fantasy

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

 The 17th birthday of Deeanna turned out to be an unforgettable one, as an unexpected adventure began there. The best friends of her- Liam and Salome attended her birthday party, in which Liam leaves halfway.  Deeanna was chased by a dog and that let her into a meadow, which turned out to be another kingdom- chrysalis.  There she meets Darius, whose name she felt strangely known, and was invited to attend the ball the next day.  The ball day felt more like a dream, dancing with the prince, the prince in sense is the man she met that day and she is beyond wonder. But things aren’t the same on the next visit.  In fact it is a secret kingdom where people couldn’t enter unless they are a relative of a native or a knight.  Is there any reason behind her entering this place?  What are all waiting for her?  Read to know more about this fantastical read. 

It is magical from the beginning and I admired the detailing of the scenes and connecting one with another perfectly.  It is for people of all age groups but children would certainly love the story flow and essentially the magic in it.  Wonderful descriptions.  I would imagine every single scene in my head. The sarcastic tone served its purpose and made this book more enjoyable.The author has given enough importance to the side characters- not leaving them at bay when the main story is flowing through the protagonist.  The writing style is simple, easy to understand and most importantly expressive.  I have so many nice things to tell about this book, for it entertained me whenever I wanted a light fantasy read.  The story is overall cute in the eyes of mine, for medieval touch in it is what I live for.  Wanting answers for the unanswered questions! 

Most recommended for people who love fantasy. 

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