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RATINGS: 4/5 ⭐

Hadn’t we all immersed in an inner struggle at least once ago?  That was indeed to reject this and I absolutely agree with it- how much we get stressed trying to understand our purpose of life, how much we would have fought with the gloominess of life, how much we chase success indeed that throws us into misery, anger, wandering mind, and whatnot.  This book is a collection of verses, short anecdotes and more of a non fiction book that employs these to understand ourselves.  The prologue captured my mind as I could relate to it completely.  It often feels like I live in a chaos with no peace of mind and whatever I do now is of no use or worth in future.  More like finding myself struck in a marshland as the book denotes it. The anecdotes range from Greek Mythology to stories to Buddha and Bodhidharma, almost covering all essential topics to be talked about self analysis.  My favourite part of the book is ‘When I met my Other Mine’.  It feels empty even after achieving things in life.  I loved the valuable lesson- Success is worthless if it does not bring happiness to oneself.  True words! Writing style is simple but needs improvement.  Valuable content for anyone who wants to understand your true self. Recommended and valuable read! 

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