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RATINGS: 5/5 ⭐

What I felt while beginning this book is that the author is so enthusiastic to say about so many things at once, and absolutely, things related to Psychology always have their own power to gain all interests.  A beautiful conversational tone of writing with humour lingering around.    

I learnt so many psychological terms and methods through this. I understood how much storing feelings deep inside will affect people so badly.  When we suppress too many feelings, they could even come out as Pseudo Seizure, Mutism, or Hysterical Blindness!  

Delusional Disorder is what that I minded more.  Especially the incident of a 65 years old woman, claiming her to be pregnant for almost 10 years, but that it is Pseudocyesis/ false pregnancy and that of Shared Delusion made me feel shocked.

The author, who in turn is a doctor, explains hard concepts through true incidents that leave an everlasting effect in mind.  Almost all pages have something to amaze or shock you.  ‘Is it all really happening?’- is my overall vibe throughout the book.  

If you are an aspiring psychology student, then you shouldn’t miss this book.  

Recommended for everyone who has interest in psychology.  

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