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RATINGS: 5/5 ⭐

 This book came as a pleasant, humourous and quick read after so many days.  This ‘great Indian Snobbery’ has so many things to entertain you as the ‘the great Indian Circus’ do.   

A snob is someone who shows themselves as superior in something to others.  They often look down upon people who are below them.  Aren’t snobs everywhere?  Aren’t we a snob one way or the other?  What- don’t you agree?  Now it’s perfect, it itself is a form of snobbery.  

Through the introduction part, the author grasps all our attention with the subtle humor and her thought provoking statements.  We always come across snobs all the way in our lives, but that we wouldn’t have noted them as a snob.  Well, this book will change your perception and you can’t help relating to the stories or events of this book!  

The subtitles are the real lit.  The writing style is sarcastic and bold.  

I enjoyed reading every single line of the book and didn’t wait to share with my friends to relate and laugh along.  Here are some of my most favourites- ‘The Tourist Snob,’ ‘The Garden Snob’, ‘The Woke Snob’, and ‘The Parenting Snob’.  

Shortly it’s a must read for anyone who loves witty and sarcastic writing style.  Loved it. Most recommended.  

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Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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