Title: GRASP Of The NIGHT 

Author: Sadaf ZulfikarWhat

Genre: Paranormal

Ratings: 4.5/5 ‚≠ź

What frightened Lily was herself, the wrongness around her at night, which she calls as ‘Grasp of the Night’ but no one seemed to understand her.¬† That night all she wants is to get away.¬† But unfortunately, she is found dead in the morning. They say, she jumped out of the tower window and died.

¬†¬†It is in the same house, where Alice lives now.¬† She has no memory of her past.¬† Nothing!¬† Nothing of Lance, the one’s name she has tattooed on her thigh. That day, she finds a gift in the entrance of the home that has come into the wrong way, instead of her neighbour Anna’s place.¬† After several thoughts, she decided to return it, and that is when she met Derek, Anna’s boyfriend.¬† The story takes its turn when grasp comes into the plot to kill Alice.¬†

One of the unique storyline that i have ever come across.  It is gripping and horrifying right from the beginning.  I wonder how the author has sketched a character like Alice- hard to understand, for it was hard for herself to understand too.  At first it was difficult for me to grasp the plot as it was complex but as I turned over the pages, it is highly addictive and all I wanted is to know the end.  

 Indeed a memorable writing style.  Recommended for everyone who loves Paranormal vibes.  

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