‘A Love Jihad Story’ by Souwmiya Dhinesh


Title: A Love Jihad Story

Author: Souwmiya Dhinesh

Genre: Romance/ Social Novel

Ratings: 4.4/ 5 ⭐

The ‘based on a true story’ tag got me into the book, the moment my eyes spotted it. The prologue left me with numerous questions and to be honest, the word ‘Love Jihad’ was something I’m hearing for the very first time in my life. Is it all really happening? But what is the motive behind it? Once I got my questions cleared, I came to know how much an important topic the author has chosen to write about.

Aditi was brought about independently and strongly, by her single mother Sharadha, who indeed has a great place in my heart. Aditi’s life gets into a new journey- a new job, new friends, and that is where she meets him- Sameer, an handsome and cool Muslim man, who first seemed like a flirt but then a flirt yet only to her. As days passed by, attraction and confusion increased at the same level. Will he demand her to change her religion if they want to get married? Though he absolutely rejected that fact at first, life isn’t simple and things aren’t permanent!

What I loved is the feel of originality that captures us right in the first page. Nisha’s possessiveness, Sharadha’s understanding nature, Aditi’s confusions at certain point of times, Sameer’s point of view, and whatnot, made this book lively enough. Moreover, it brings us into a journey of love- the true one, with ins and outs, ups and downs, bondings and breakings. How true that people in love often become literally blind of the other person’s true intentions!

Neat writing style but that there are few punctuational errors (anyways negligible for a good book). Clear storyline. Satisfying and meaningful end. I will call this more a social novel than a Romance read.

Highly recommended!


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