I had been eagerly waiting for this book even before the author started penning it down, so my expectations were not under my control and it peaked out even before the book came out. I’m happy that ‘The Cartel Workers’ met up with all my highest expectations or I could say, it towered my expectations leaving me in awe!

‘The Cartel Workers’ is not just a book as it seems, but a series with 3 books inside it. Most of you would have heard about the first book ‘Shadows’ by Aditya Mishra, and here, you will find it followed by two other books ‘Secrets’ and ‘The Cartel’.

Check out my review of ‘Shadows’ if you hadn’t yet, for here, I’m concentrating on Book 2 and 3.

Aiden is no more Aiden. He is Tony and he is no longer in Alaska but in California. Everything changed and he was trying to fit inside the life of an ordinary man, with mourning how tough it is! How tough is it for him to control his murderous instincts? But he could do it- for Nat. His Natalie. The girl who won his heart and the reason why his life has changed after all. Rosa is no more in his life and only her betrayal came into his heart that is filled with hatred for her. He has not seen her for a long time though! But when Rosa and the cartel workers came into his life again, something unexpected happens and turns his life and almost everything upside down. After severe losses, he turns back to Aiden and this time- all he wants is revenge!

I tried to summarise both parts with no spoilers and I hope I did. Every page has something hidden in it to freak me out. Being honest, I should say that this is a well researched and a well plotted novel. I’m amazed by the drugs and the way they are employed in the book. There is sarcasm in the beginning of Part 2 and I liked it and there is thrill overall- everywhere!

If I have to classify the genres- I should say that the first one is a psychological crime thriller. Second book is a romantic thriller with sure additions of crime and psychology. And the third part is filled with action and I will call it a revenge thriller.

I’m sure I could never forget Aiden and Nat. Aiden for being the best villainous protagonist and Nat for adding up more emotions to the entire storyline. The third book had blown my mind as I couldn’t predict Aditya’s master plan! The end twist made my heart skip a beat.

The writing style is mesmerizing and they are in a way that I couldn’t skip without highlighting them. Mixing up several genres, he specifically imparted all the emotions at right places with his undeniable writing style. I felt like the last two parts are even better than the first part. They flow!

One of the best thriller novels I have read so far. Most recommended read for all lovers of thrillers.

Ratings: 5 ⭐

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