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RATINGS: 4.4/5 ⭐

✨At first, the introduction of so many names of places and characters scared me a bit if I could remember then throughout the book.  But I could connect more with the plot and I was acquainted to those names very sooner.

✨The writing style is not complex at all.  It is simple to understand and is also so good to read. I loved the way the author created best first impressions in the introduction of each character, making us understand what their mind set or attitude is.

✨The story begins with Commander Bakht Khan telling out his ambitiousness, hunger to conquest and how he is regarded as a greatest one among the people in Gondwana, adding more fierce to the Khidmatgars, who invaded Godwana 250 years.

✨The story takes its turn when Commander gets hold of an ancient secret that would help them conquer entire Gondwana. Amidst the historical plot, it also gives out many moral ideas, lessons, and so much more.

✨  Every word that came out of Gurujii Shambhuvahana are memorable and I was busy highlighting his saying for they all are so much thought provoking and good.

✨I admired the steady pace of the book, and it satisfied my mind. 

✨Highly recommended for people who loves steady paced historical novels!

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