‘R. A. P. Real Ass Poetry. Real Ass Poet’ by Nishasimone


R. A. P. Real Ass Poetry. Real Ass Poet’ by Nishasimone


I almost had no idea how this book would be, but that it would have some kind of motivating factors in it.  But the very first page whispered into my ears I would be very glad for reading it.

I wonder how the author has accommodated so much positive vibes into this book.  The book consists of prose pieces, that are wonderfully penned down and some letters to self, that ignites the freshness of our heart. 

After reading her letters to self, goals and future years, I was so much inspired to write such letters to myself, as they would tell me more about myself that I had always been aware.

The topics lingers about everything we could totally relate with.  Beginning with remembering us to laugh our heart out, the author talks things that are motivating, coping with anger, normalising bad, sad, lonely and stressed days, and so much more!

“In reality, it’s not the caring we’re afraid to admit. It’s the feelings behind it.”              —NishaSimone

The quotes at the end of each page literally nailed it!  The author’s words are crisp and to the point. 

Recommended book for everyone who wants a book to clear all the traumatic thoughts from their mind.  This book is truly amazing. 

RATINGS: 4.7/5 ⭐

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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