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1. I always feel excited to know about authors who write thrillers. Tell us something about you and your latest thriller ‘TOGETHER WE WERE (W)HOLE’.

A: Together We Were (W)hole is a Romance Thriller. It is a tale of vengeance amidst distorted personal relationships, misunderstandings and masked identities set in a business environment of deceit, power plays and games. Sanaya has looked into the heart of betrayal and managed to stay alive after a perceived emotional and physical battle with someone she cared deeply about. She has risen from the ashes like a phoenix for one purpose, to seek revenge against the man who betrayed her trust and left her to die. There is romance, suspense, lies, deception, misunderstandings, betrayal, revenge, deceit, power plays within the narrative. The plot has business partnerships, corporate life, a warm love affair and thirst for vengeance.
Together We Were (W)hole was recently ranked #1 In Romantic Suspense and #2 in Crime, Thriller and Mystery on Amazon.

2. The title ‘TOGETHER WE WERE (W)HOLE’ itself hooked my heart to read the book. What does it signify?

A: The title signifies that the protagonists have a void inside them (hole) and crave to be whole at the same time or that the void inside them gets filled when they are together, thus forming a whole.

3. I noticed that your book is about 180 pages long. How many months did it take for you to complete the entire manuscript?

A: One month.

4. Publishing a book is an incomparably long process. How did it feel when you got your book into your hands for the first time?

A: The feeling was out of this world. Holding something that you have created is overwhelming. It instantly reminded me of how I would go to my college library to get books issued during my college days. Now, students can get my books issued in the same manner. I was overwhelmed when a student from Hans Raj reached out to me saying that she has seen my book in the college library. It meant a lot to me that my book actually found a place in my own college’s library.

5. Did you ever think that you will become an author when you were a child?

A: I loved writing since I was a kid. I used to write poems and articles for national newspapers and school magazines. I loved English Literature. I was always fascinated by it and found my escape in it. My poems were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari when I was ten. So when I started writing poems, I found myself travelling to a completely different world. The love for such travel increased to a point where I created my own different world and hence ended up writing novels. Love for Literature and flights of fantasy, which writing allows you to have, made me a writer.

6. What is your advice for Aspiring authors, especially for the ones who write Thrillers?

A: Believe in yourself and you’ll sail through. Just don’t give up.

7. What did publishing your first book teach you?

A: It taught me that not giving up on your dreams is the only way to get them fulfilled. A lot of power lies in perseverance and holding on to your vision. I never gave up when faced with failures and that’s what made everything possible for me.

8.The process of writing is many times tedious and time-consuming. What do you think is the toughest of the process?

A: I think it would be doing justice to the depiction of the characters in the book. So, for example, in Together We Were (W)hole, Mr. Kashyap’s character is shaped by his traumas, insecurities, ridicule he was subjected to and thus, he wears a mask in public to hide the loneliness deep within him.
Similarly, after looking into the heart of betrayal, Sanaya is completely transformed to right the wrongs done to her. Yet deep in her heart, she yearns to go back to old times and to her unfiltered self. Siddharth runs from his own emotions in the book. In running from his feelings, he showcases a variety of shades and at times, contradictory traits within him.
So I would say that sewing the past experiences of characters and where they come from within the narrative, while justifying their present complexities as rooting from the past or being a result of various psychological and socio-cultural influences, and at the same time keeping those intact and running along in the narrative requires efforts from the writer’s end. Plus, they also have to grow as persons within the story and that too has to be highlighted, keeping their integrity intact, without them coming out as whimsical, if they’re not supposed to.

9.Do you hear from your readers much? What do they say about your book ‘TOGETHER WE WERE (W)HOLE’?
A: Yes, I receive a lot of messages and mails from my readers. I am motivated to keep on writing every time I receive a mail regarding my work. Influencing lives, reaching out to people and making them aware of the existing issues at a psychological, social or even at the spiritual level is a blessing.
Readers have appreciated the writing style of Together We Were (W)hole and loved the plot. One of the readers told me that not only is the plot engrossing and captivating but also the manner of storytelling deserves special credit. Readers like that important climaxes are not undermined in the book as the narrative picks up pace.
Appreciation by my readers is what makes all the efforts worth it.

10.Could we expect more books from you?

A: Definitely. I’ve written a Romance Tragedy which will be out in the first half of this year itself.


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