Priyanka M. A. Singh wrote a book called ‘That’s true I love her’. Here are the few questions she answered us!

1. I am so glad to meet an author like you, who writes about social dilemmas. Tell us something about you.

Hey, I am Priyanka M. A Singh. I am basically from a small city of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar but now resides in Indore. I am an advocate by profession and now an author. That’s True, I Love Her is my debutante book. And just like any other Indori; Travelling, Eating & Reading are my hobbies.

2. What inspired you to write about LGBTQ+ community and other social dilemma?

PRIYANKA- The inspiration behind the story is the poem written by my engineer friend Mrs. Arpita Joshi. She shared her poem through a mail, and Bam. Suddenly I started portraying one main character around her poem.
About social dilemma, it’s created by society so as a part of society someone needs to take that step to remove such dilemma. Isn’t it?

3. This genre of LGBTQ+ is rarely written by authors and I appreciate your efforts to pen down the story with an intriguing plot. What do your readers say about this?

PRIYANKA- Thank you for appreciation, it means a lot. About the genre which is rarely chosen by authors is because we all didn’t speak about it and when a person didn’t know about this genre they didn’t know how to merge their words. I guess, mostly people are unaware of the topic and they start secluding themselves from this topic and then we make it harder for LGBTQ+ to survive.
Readers were surprised and shocked at the same time. They were expecting might be I mentioned about the problems regarding with LGBTQ+ but how I can tell them, the problems created to this community is created by US, because we grew up by knowing this fact that only a heterosexual people can date and married to each-other. That’s it. We need to open our mind as well.

4. How would you define love?

PRIYANKA- LOVE? Hmm. This question is by far the toughest question I have ever received. Actually, why I am saying such a thing, it’s because everybody is having their own moment when they fall in love with their special one and from that moment they have their own definition of Love.
So do I have my own definition, might be mostly people will never relate with it. But for me Love is when you care for someone more than yourself and now you are whole with your someone. And when you feel like you are whole, now you are at your home and your search is done.

5. Had you ever thought you would become an author when you were a child?

PRIYANKA- Author? NO never. When I was in school I did write poems but I wanted to become an engineer and when I became an engineer, I realized there is so much to explore. And later on, with an idea I completed the final draft of Part 1 i.e., That’s True I Love Her. And still I believe, there is so much to learn and I am still learning new things.

6. When could we expect the sequel of this book, ‘THAT’S TRUE I LOVE HER’?

PRIYANKA- I am re-reading the sequels so, after finishing them, only then I can say.

Connect with her through Instagram @author_priyanka13

Buy her book in Amazon. Read it and enjoy!

Thank you so much!

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