‘Two and a Half Rainbows’ by Siddhartha Krishnan





RATINGS: 4.5/5 ⭐

’Two and Half Rainbows
The colourful book cover and the title ‘Two and Half Rainbows’ increased my curiosity to read this book and I’m so happy I did it, for it is one of the best short story collections ever read by me.

The characters are so much relatable and for a minute or two, it made me feel astonished at the end of the stories.  I could connect with the author so much right in the Preface and as I turn over the pages, it multiplied.

I was startled on reading the very first story ‘DUAL’ and let me share a gist of it.

Advaith and Manthan are best friends and they share the same path back from school.  That day Advaith was sad as they passed on the result for maths.  Though his marks are good, his father is someone who excepts him to score the fullest.  This time his mark is 8/10 but this is surely not something his father expects from him.  Manthan too has got the same mark but is so cool.  Manthan gives a secret advice to Advaith to come out the crisis and that made him so happy.  What was the advice?  But this story is more than that and the last passage totally changed the perception of looking into the story.

As this book is inspired from daily events of life, many of us could completely relate with the characters.  If not the characters, then surely the emotions.  Almost every story has something to tell and that’s tough for me to pick out my favourites.

The writing style is also good, with few new words to improve our vocabulary.  Recommended for everyone who loves reading short stories of realistic contemporary fiction that you could totally relate with.

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