Rise Above Your Fears


Title: Rise Above Your Fears

Author: Urvashi Vats

Genre: Poetry

This book is a collection of poems based on various themes with positivity inside them.  The book is short and consists of about 33 poems, dealing with various topics that gives us hope, new vision and positive vibes.

The poem ‘Little happiness’ was a cute and pleasing one.  That’s true that these little happiness worths a lot than anything in this world. ‘Mother’s Love’ is also good and the author emphasises how much a mother means a lot to her child. In the poem ‘Friendship Forever’, the author tells about true friendship and how they meant to be.

Never lose hope, Be Fearless, Believe In Yourself,
Positivity, BEYOUTIFUL,  Change, Faith and a few more, all are inspirational and has unique messages in them.  They tell us how to face situations, how to rise our voice against things that aren’t right with no fear, and gives a hope that everything is possible.

✨”One thought,
One dream,
One step,
& One vision,
Is the only thing that leads to a change.”✨

Also there are poems on writers, poets and the process of writing and how it should flow with imagination.  Those are nice. However, I felt like the writing style could be more poetic to impose the feel or the exact emotions into the readers.

For me, this is an complete combination Friendship, women, parents’ love, life, inspiration, happiness and hopeful thoughts. I really loved the way the author chose the topics on which the poems are written.

Recommended for all Poetry Lovers

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