🖤This is a book of non fiction focussing on teaching. To be more specific, it talks about child centered teaching, the practical techniques that could be used to create a good ambience and a better understanding of the child.

🖤The author emphasizes that understanding the child is more important and they should feel the independency for the better learning process. The teacher should be a guide and a observer, providing complete freedom for the students to learn. Homeworks should be given as for the development of the child but it should not pressure them.

🖤The part ‘Constructive Deviation’ talks about the how deviating from the main stream of education will help children gain freshness and interest. Making the child involve in some creative works like painting, playing, music or drama reduces stress and improves learning ability.

🖤It is divided into 5 sections, covering almost all the basic topics of teaching.
Section – I: The Philosophy
Section – II: The Techniques and Accelerators
Section – III: Beyond the Classroom
Section – IV: Measuring the Impact
Section – V: Conclusion

🖤The writing style is so simple and representing them in points serves the purpose. The author has a good insight on the teaching techniques and the learning process, making this book a useful one.

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