RATINGS: 4.5/5✨

🖤Prajin, a carefree college student, finds a sunglasses left by a passenger whole travelling in a bus. His friend brainwashed him to keep it all by himself, telling that it’s more like a gift from him. However, that was not an ordinary sunglasses and more exciting incidents follows.

🖤Dr. Anand, the real owner of the magical sunglasses, is a scientist with a bad memory power, and he forgets his magical sunglasses in the bus. Actually this happened on his way to show it up on a scientists meet. After his wife’s advice, he somehow initiates the search and successfully extended a week’s time to exhibit his work. How will this go?

🖤What if the above fantasy story was written by Harish, a flop author, with too much rejections from publishers? What’s the future of his book ‘Something went wrong’?

🖤That was a fantastic happy read for me. Far above my expectations, this book has the great flow and it is addictive at times. The sarcastic tone of the author is the best thing that kept me hooked throughout the book.

🖤A few punctuation errors crossed my eyes while reading. However, they are nothing while reading a humour sensed book. The later parts are too positive. However, some scenes regarding the sudden hit of the book, somehow seemed unrealistic as it all happened so quick.

🖤Writing style is so simple. Last four days of mine started with this book and I’m really happy that I read it!

🖤The end of the book is a complete surprise. Wow! That’s actually a great Epilogue to be honest. That fantasy, positivity, humour mixture was great and so this book!

Published by Luckily_a_book_reviewer

Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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