RATINGS: 4.3/5

💓This book is a wonderful collection of poetry based on love. Whenever I see a book of poetry based on love, it feels like a affirmation that it gonna have so much emotions to be cherished and shared. As my expectations, this book turned out to be a good one.

💓The parts like title description, dedication are all also written in the form of poetry, creating the best first impression. This book is divided into three parts- Ovulating In Emotions, Bleeding In Love, Fertile To Fly.

💓In the first part Ovulating In Love, the poem 2 is so touchy. Poem 11 is also admirable. The usage of good vocabulary is appreciated. Poem 21 is so heart touching that I kept on rereading it. Poem 34, and 44 also became my personal favourites. The only thing this book lacked is separate titles for each poem. That is not a fault but this book would be more better if the poems are titled separately.

💓’The secrets in your eyes
Answers my questions.’

💓Let me tell about the beautiful formatting of the book first. That’s so good and eye grabbing. The images are so relevant and I don’t think if this book would explicit it’s emotions in this great level if those pictures are not included.

💓The book cover is rich looking and gorgeous. I think I don’t want to tell about the title- The Secret In My Blood. That’s so catchy!

💓Those words are deep from the author’s heart and we could feel it so well. That is the best thing in any poetry book based on love and so in this.

💓Recommended for all poetry lovers who wants to feel emotions in words!

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Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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