RATINGS: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
(Indeed the best one💜)

🖤Just look at this book. Isn’t it amazing? The illustrations, the story plot, the writing style, the character sketches, the end and what not! Everything is perfect and I really can’t explain how much I loved this book.

🖤Priyanka, shortly Pri, is an Indian- American girl, who has no clue who her father is. She could not understand why her mother came out from India and refuses to go back. Whenever she tries to ask those questions, no answers were said.

🖤 Meanwhile, Uncle Jatin is her favourite and she feels bad as he says that he will gain more responsibilities after their child’s arrival to this world. She feels so sad if he could not spend his time with her as he usually does, and only then she finds something old- a Pashmina.

🖤It is a beautiful Pashmina, but believe me, it is not an ordinary one. When she wears it, she gets drifted to a new place- India. And thereby starts her craze to visit India, unaware of the great memorable incidents waiting for her there.

🖤The entire story is fascinating and it tells us the power of choices. Humorous at times, and thought provoking at the end- this is a great read for children.

🖤I read the entire book in one sitting, for it is a short children’s book but the amount of efforts the author has put in bringing out this book is almost unimaginable. The illustrations are so great. The colour combinations, the minute detailing, the expressions and all are so great that I can’t help myself from staring at this book for so long.

🖤Recommended for children who loves reading books. Also Comics could be a great start for children who dislikes reading.

🖤Thanks a lot @harpercollinsin
for this great and memorable gift🖤

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