“Love In The Beauty: A Memoir”


Title:”Love In The Beauty: A Memoir”

Author:  Schirra Simmons

Genre: Non fiction

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

True love exists and this book proved it once more.  It is a heart touching Memoir of Schirra’s true love.  The book starts with the incomparable loss of his life- the death of the author’s wife Shana. 

Schirra Simmons, a single parent with a son, meets Shana and slowly recognizes that there is more than deep friendship between them.  He understands her at all situations, tries to support her where ever he could, surprises and loves her in all possible ways!

 At the first meet, his son too accepted her for her compassionate and loving heart. Unexpectedly, her dark days started with coughing and illness, which was actually due to ‘Cancer’! However, those illness aren’t that strong to put a barrier for their marriage. 

There by, starts the procedures of surgeries, medications and all!  Being in a hospital isn’t really an easy one.  It is breathe taking!  How a malignant growth in kidney could turn up a life upside down!  Many heart breaking and heart touching incidents follows it…

”I’d never encountered this experience before—visiting a spot where individuals were waiting to die, some alone and others sharing a room.”  These lines sunk my heart and so this book!   The process of treatments are dreadful and I could feel the pain in every single word of this book.  Yet there was a strong faith in this book- a new hope that could not be described in words.

True stories always leave an unforgettable impact into us.  This is one such an emotional story that I could not stop my tears though I wanted to.  The author has poured all his emotions out in the form of words and you could feel it from the very first page of this book.   

A must read for all, who believes in true love.

Thank you @loveinthebeautybook

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