RATINGS: 4/5 ⭐

🖤’HOLDING ON TO LOVE’ is a true heart touching story, describing the pain, fear and consequences of liver disease of the author and his strong faith and will, that added strength to his life, through his beloved wife Disha.

🖤Love could make a lot of great things happen! Isn’t it true? Especially, external problems will make the love deeper, adding strength to each other.

🖤Ashu was totally upset after his father’s demise, unaware of another trouble waiting to enter into his life. He was happily married to Disha, and was living a happy life until the day he was diagnosed liver disease that would shorten his life, if the liver is not transplanted as soon as possible. But finding a donor or coming up with the worsening consequences isn’t a easy deal!

🖤How could I call this story as- a Romance novel that describes the true and sacrificing love or a battle with liver disease- waiting eagerly for the horrid surgery to take place? Call it anyways, but this is a good book of great understanding of life- how to deal with those terrible situations of life!

🖤 I really wonder the level of positivity and braveness in the heart of Disha, that she was always ready to do everything to let her family out of financial, depression and health issues. Will her love, her care, her sacrifices help Ashu come out this? Read this heart touching story to know more.

🖤The story fluctuates between past and present. The void that was created when the father of the family dies are all greatly written in an heart sinking way. If alcohol could cause these many ill effects! The pain of liver disease is well explained by the author.

🖤This book gives a new hope. Though the book is filled with many tragic happenings, in the end, I could feel the positive vibes inside me. Love could make miracles happen!

Published by Luckily_a_book_reviewer

Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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