RATINGS: 4.6/5 ⭐

🖤Vanessa, shortly V, 22 years old, strong and independent girl, is quite different from others. How could one define her? A Rebel or a Manizer (as her friends call her)? She is unique in her own ways, riding bike, being frank, and sometimes she seems rude.

🖤 Vanessa seeks for something like a true and pure love, but she could not find it in anyone, whom she has dated ago. After some months of not being in any relationships, a sudden relationship with Chirag started in a night chat. However, Vanessa knows it is not a true love and it won’t continue longer.

🖤 As she has thought ago, the relationship ended in a month, by an ‘unacceptable and old’ reason from Chirag’s side. Anyhow, if she hasn’t dated Chirag, she wouldn’t have known about Umar. The ‘U’ of ‘YoU We’. Read this book to know the interesting tale of love, friendship, through the eyes of a Tomboy.

🖤Believe me, it isn’t like all other romance novels. It is different. Entirely different! Starting from the first page, I was grabbed by the frank and brave writing style. It seems like a direct conversation with someone who rambles her entire story out! Especially, Vanessa’s reactions for every single thing, like rolling of eyes, and what not, made me love this book.

🖤The title ‘You We’ is surely the most suitable. I admired the prologue that tells out the story behind the title. That was damn cute!

🖤I should talk about the friends of Vanessa- Ramona, Natasha, Atish and Pranav. Such a bonded friendship and you will never get bored reading those scenes with them around her. And surely this book would have been incomplete without Tanishk😂. Most of those college scenes are relatable and you won’t guess how sarcastic Vanessa is!

🖤Also, the author shows various Indian norms, that are not much suitable for the present generation and questions them, making us think. The narration is so great and well paced, especially after Umar’s arrival into her life.

🖤Shortly, a great, lovely, cute, frank and a must read book for all readers who loves the genre of romance.

Published by Luckily_a_book_reviewer

Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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