RATINGS: 4.4/5 ⭐

🖤”The lovers might die, they might stay apart, but the love becomes eternal.”

🖤Anthologies often interest the reading part of my brain, especially if it is a collection of works of different authors from various places. This book grasped my attention as it is completely written by female authors, based on the theme of love, that too unrequited and lost love.

🖤I will mention some random short stories and poetry as there are many works in this book.

🖤The descriptions of the story ‘Vedya’ are great. The usage of words like ‘diabetically sweet’ made me adore it.

🖤’A Prince Who wouldn’t return’ by Pallavi Sharma, has got all my expectations as I remember reading her wonderful novel ‘Being Beautiful’. The end of the story is completely unexpected. The short stories like ‘If only I could’, ‘The incessant love’ and ‘From a distance’ are noteworthy. ‘If only I could’, ‘Emma’, ‘See you soon’ are all good short stories.

🖤 The poems like ‘Star Crossed’ and ‘The Kiss Of Time’ has wonderful diction in them. The use of poetic devices, like the use of refrain in ‘If tomorrow starts without me’, and the great rhyming of ‘A lover from the Shadows’ made me love this book.

🖤’To be United in Heaven’ is a heart touching poem portraying the unconditional love. Most of the poems in this book are too emotional and I loved reading them a lot. Especially, that is a great feel reading poems of different poems focussing on a topic of love. Shortly, great!

🖤 ‘My hidden feelings’, ‘In the far away land’ ‘Reckless Desire’, ‘choice’ and many others are all great poems to be cherished.

🖤There are few formatting errors but those are almost negligible. I really need to appreciate the compilers for picking up wonderful and heart touching works.


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