RATINGS: 4.3/5

🖤Fiza, is a Pakistani girl, who has lost her parents and her aunt adopted her, making her feel the sudden riches but the gap between them could not be sealed. In year 2030, an unforgettable incident happened in her life as she entered India. Her life wouldn’t be the same if an Indian boy named Karan hadn’t saved her at the right time.

🖤In 2047, many years after the incident, Karan couldn’t believe his eyes, if he was seeing that same Pakistani girl whose thoughts obsessed his mind throughout his growing years. Who thought they would meet after years in London? Steadily, love sprung into their hearts. However, Karan’s parents aren’t happy with this.

🖤But it isn’t just a romantic take between a Pakistani girl and an Indian boy but it focuses on unity of two nations whose history mostly dealt with misunderstandings and war, since 1947. They could marry once if the two nations unite after the hundred years of partition. Could he ever make that possible?

🖤At first when I saw the book, the first question that entered my mind is- Why 2047? But only as I read the book, I understood the careful selection of years and events. Indeed, a very well plotted book.

🖤I admired the graceful writing style of the author. And the twists in between kept it going. I really want to appreciate the author for penning down this great book with patriotism. Is is not much common to see such books with higher mindset as to unite the nations.

🖤Emotions! The way the author described the heartbreaks is too emotional. Also in many other scenes I admired the descriptions of the author. A very well written book. Loved it.

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Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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