Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism


Title: Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism

Author: Chirashree Bose

Genre: Fiction- Comedy

Pages: 151

Format: Kindle/ Paperback

Ratings: 4.7/5🌟

Starting from PHA-MI-NI-JAM the author has made me laugh throughout the book. It is certainly not easy at all to write a book that makes the readers laugh.😂 Writing a comedy novel is so tough but I could feel how much the author has enjoyed writing it through her flawless words.☺

The first few chapters goes with the introduction of the family members and I swear, I can’t resist myself from loving this book. Mrs. Arpita Basu is surely someone memorable. 😍 It’s just 6 months since she got married and started living with her family. She questions every concept of familism that would make the readers think too! But her married life is not happy as her husband Akash don’t support her and so his family.✨

The writing style is simple and intriguing. The chapters are short and satisfying.💖 I loved the character Arpita, who questions everything and Malti, who is unique in her ideas though uneducated. Nobody could beat the author in description of characters. I’m seriously in love with them!💖

I enjoyed reading this entertaining book filled with cute funny events. I also want readers to read this and laugh their hearts out! Surely it is suitable for beginners who wants to get into reading.

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