Author: Shawn Vij
Genre: Non- Fiction
Ratings: 4/5

‘Moral Fibre’ is one of the best self-help books that are filled with tips to enhance our live by eliminating toxic motivators around us.  Our Author, for more than 25 years has worked as a senior business leader and consultant; launched many new products, and built high performing teams for major fortune 100 companies.  However, through these years, he just found himself compromising many times.  The day he met Dalai Lama has changed his life.  He came to know much about Buddhism and learnt life.

The author has narrated some useful tips that portray the actual essence of life.  He tells them with his own experiences that it could stay forever in the hearts of the readers.  The book is written in a simple way that everyone could understand and apply it in their lives.

My favourite part in it is ‘how we create Toxic Environment: 4 D’s.  The 4 D’s are Deception, Detraction, Discrimination and Doubt.  We cling to it often even without any intention to do so.  It is because we are mimicking our environment, especially the leaders.  In addition, he calls them as ‘Behaviour Disease’. Oh… It’s true… They are Behaviour disease for sure!
The author has used some quotes in between, which were said by great people, and they coincide well with the subject. I recommend this book for everyone who loves reading self-help books.

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