‘It just required one step’ by Saif Israr



Author: Saif Israr

A tale of friends, love and politics in a college atmosphere! ✨

Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Everyone has great memories of college day! That might be the time spent together with friends in canteen of playground,  hostel memories or love! ✨

Samar Qureshi has such college days too! Though the college  infrastructure and canteen disappointed him, he chose Hastings University, for his father could afford it! ✨

Anyhow, he is not going to be alone, for his 7 years bonded school friend Girish stays there! ✨

And there’s where he met Anubhav Sharma, Vice-president of the student’s union and the younger president of the student’s union and the younger brother of the ex-MLA of Allahabad. ✨

Then he meets Nupur and falls for her in the first sight!  And for her, he gets into college politics.  But things are not simple after that!  All complexions, murder, protests, love and everything hits the story! ✨

Author saif Israr has good writing style that attracts the readers and it is easy to read too! ✨

Made me remember my college days but sure my life is not much complexed as Samar Qureshi’s! ✨

This book has succeeded in grasping my attention till the last line!

Comment if you had read this book!

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