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First of all, I’m so much attracted to the rich looking, dazzling book cover. Woah! ❀

Tanvi began to hate Shaurya Oberoi even before seeing him and she has two reasons for it. First is that he is a man and the next is that he has mistreated his wife Arya! ✨

Tanvi is one of the best lawyers and she has many awards yo support her side. But why do she hate men? πŸ€”

Arya has filed a case against Shaurya for domestic violence but was so sure she need him and won’t divorce him for this! ✨

Procrastinating the first two meetings in the court, Shaurya justifies that he wants divorce. ✨

Misfortune happens for Tanvi while moving in a bike. She was attacked by trio and was unexpectedly admitted in the hospital of Shaurya! 😳

But the things that happened after that are unexpected! Yes… Surely un-ex-pec-ted! ✨

Her words holds magic for sure! The author has a intriguing writing style and the dialogues, the exclamations and questions make it wonderful! ✨

Descriptions make this story extraordinary! Especially the way she wrote about Tanvi struggling to breathe is lively… ✨

The character sketch of Tanvi is extraordinary- her courage, her wit and her urge to put criminals in jail shows her inner soul! But such bold people has desires too! ✨

Some words disturbed me! The way she smiled on thinking about the criminals she pushed to jail, while she is in hospital with several broken bones, shows her grit! ✨

And I should say this! I loved the note to readers very much, for those words “We aren’t strangers anymore!” Yes! Not anymore! ❀

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Heya! I'm Dharani, an author of 5 published books and a book reviewer as well! In this blog, you can view the book reviews done by me! :)

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