‘And we walked away’ by Subrat Saurabh

Heart melting true love! ✨

Genre: Fiction- Romance
✨ ❄Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❄

Firstly, the book cover attracted me much that I started reading the book, the moment I purchased it! ✨

The story starts with Abhimanyu, a man in his mid 30s, visiting his college after a decade. An old aged security guard recognizes him and feels so excited on seeing him! ✨

Many have gained their degree and left this college decades ago but no one expected that he would return as a ‘Successful author’. The buildings, the place where an uprooted banyan tree stood once and everything around him remembered him his college days! ✨

Oh Love at first sight! ❤ Is it love at first sight? That girl in Green Churidar and duppata, 5’3″ Height, with big eyes and a baby like smile! 😍 Our hero could not control himself from looking at Naina and thereby his love for her starts on the very first day of the college. ✨

But Naina is someone who doesn’t believe in love and she has her own strong reasons to support her side. She rejects his proposal! He’s from North India and she’s from South! She could speak Hindi but preferred English… Yet customs differ, right? ✨

I really really loved the conversations of Abhimanyu and Naina, reread them several times for they seemed so natural! ✨

I’m mesmerized by the brilliant writing style and the steady flow of the cute love story! The author has nailed with his dialogues! I have highlighted more than 40 such dialogues while reading! 😅 ✨ ‘I often smile for no reason, then I realize that I do it when I think of you’ ✨

Eagerly waiting for his next book! I recommend this to everyone around! I don’t want anyone miss such a novel! ✨

QOTD: What’s your point of view about love? ✨

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