Book reviews with love!

Hey all!

I get the urge in my heart to tell you what I feel about the books I read! So I review them 🙂

Missed to introduce myself😅

I’m Dharani Kannan, an author of 5 published books, poet (whose poetic senses are not awake all times except at night), an illustrator (learning to become an expert, professionally a content writer and a book blogger.

Oops… How did I forget this! I’m most proudly an English Literature student, who could stay in library all day long. 😎

I will tell you a secret! 🤫 I wish to write 100 books before I die😜 Alright! That’s a secret. People mock if they overhear us😩

I love books, cats, painting, authors (who toil like me) and readers (who live for the same)!

That’s it!

Hope you like my reviews.. (Some might hate it too… Mine are very genuine and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

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